No Rinse Enzyme Floor Maintainer

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment creates a microscopic ‘tread pattern’ to enhance the slip resistance of floors. This tread pattern must be kept free of contaminants to retain optimal slip resistance.

The No-Rinse Enzyme Floor Maintainer has been formulated to maintain the slip resistance of floor treated with Grip Guard. Our enzyme cleaner is revolutionising floor maintenance in daycare centres, hotels, commercial kitchens, resorts, food manufacturing as well as in homes.

Fast, Easy and Economical

The Enzyme Floor Maintainer is a ‘mop and go’ application that requires no scrubbing, brushing or rinsing. because it is so easy to use, it saves time, making it a cost effective cleaning solution. contaminants are eliminated leaving floor clean and streak free, Our enzyme formulation eradicates organic material so the is nowhere of bacteria to grow!

Suitable Floors

The Enzyme Floor Maintainer is suitable for all hard floors including quarry tiles, ceramics, porcelain, concrete, brick, vinyl, laminate, sealed timber and other water safe surfaces. It is especially useful in kitchens, restrooms, showers and food processing areas where heavy contamination is likely to occur.

How Does it Work?

The Enzyme Floor Maintainer contained pure enzymes that are 100% effective at emulsifying and biodegrading proteins such as grease, food waste, animal fats, mould, bacteria, viruses and other organic matter. All the contaminants are made up of proteins that are broken down into the components by the enzymes and then biodegraded into carbon, oxygen and water within minutes.

Traditional chemical floor maintenance products burn, melt or corrode substances leaving them on the floor in a diluted state rather than destroying these contaminants. enzymes activate and energise ‘good bacteria’ at a microbial level. they literally eat protein and organic matter!

Amazingly, the enzymes continue to break down and eliminate contaminants for a further 24 hours, long after the mopping is completed.

Safe for Floors - Safe for our World

Our Enzyme Floor Maintainer is a PH neutral, soap free, 100% biodegradable enzyme floor safety solution that has earned the EPA’s “Designed for the Environment” seal of approval. The EPA allows safer products to carry the Designed for the Environment label. This mark enables users to quickly identify and choose products that can help protect the environment and that are safer to use.