Grip Guard Anti-Slip

Grip Guard Anti-Slip Floor Safety Treatment microscopically modifies the floor surface. This modification dramatically increases the grip for bare feet, shoes and all kinds of pneumatic and solid wheel tyres.

Grip Guard causes no visible change to the floor surfaces

The Grip Guard treatment is invisible to the naked eye, it is not a coating and will not wear off, it permanently changes the surface.

Grip Guard treatment won’t disrupt normal business practices

The Grip Guard treatment can usually be carried out during business hours with little or no disruption to your normal business procedures. Work can also be arranged outside your hours of trade. The floor surface is safe to work and / or work on immediately after the treatment is completed.

Grip Guard requires no special maintenance

Unlike surface coatings and mats which require regular maintenance and can quickly look unsightly and worn, Grip Guard requires no special maintenance. Treated floors can be cleaned as per normal.

Floor surfaces are tested to ensure they meet safety standards

• We utilise a digital ASM Slip Meter to measure to co-efficient of friction (slip resistance) of all floor
surfaces prior to and after treatment, to ensure that your legal requirement immediately after treatment
• The treatment is not expensive compared to the potential savings
• Floor can be cleaned as per normal after treatment
• Special Grip Guard cleaner available to restore greasy areas
• Two year warranty