Product Description

Grip Guard Specialty Tapes are available in a range of textures and sizes to suit all industrial and commercial needs. The Grip Guard range includes: Marine Grade Aqua-Safe Tapes, Aluminium Conformable Tapes (ideal for chequerplate), Photo-luminescent ‘glow in the dark’ Tapes, Cushion Grip Tapes and Hazard Stripe Tapes. Available in a range of colours and widths.


• R13 rating providing effective anti-slip safety for all access ways including stairs & ramps
• Manufactured from diamond hard aluminium oxide
• Marine grade plastic carrier and water resistant adhesives
• Formulated to resist both steam & detergent cleaning agents
• Unique flexibility of tapes will allow extreme flexures even over 90º angles without damage
• Tapes are supplied with 'Peel & Stick' technology ensuring permanent adhesion to most surfaces
• 50mm wide providing a cost effective method of complying with the Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.
• Ask about our new transparent range designed to meet stair tread regulations for NCC 2013.