DURABAK – Safety Surface


Durabak is a tough, single-pack, totally flexible, slip resistant, waterproof protective polyurethane coating with self contained recycled rubber granules for a rough textured finish for indoor and outdoor applications.


Durabak will chemically bond to most clean and dry surfaces. The product can be applied by roller, brush or spray and give a relatively smooth to rough finish.

Durabak is suitable for many commercial/industrial and civil applications. The product protects surfaces from weathering and harsh chemicals while creating an anti-slip safe surface for pedestrians on:
• Pedestrian curb ramps and walkways
• Metal and wooden steps
• Car parks
• Vehicular ramps and loading docks
• Marine applications including ship decks (is specified by the US Navy)
• Pools and spas
• Many other applications.
With slip resistance AS 4586-R13.Durabak Colours come in standard colouring including, cream, light/dark grey, safety yellow, dark blue and black – Other colours are available upon request.