Grip Guard StepRight®

Grip Guard StepRight® Entrance Matting is constructed from anodised heavy duty aluminium treads to provide an attractive, safe, non slip and easily maintained barrier between internal and external building conditions.

It is designed to meet all aspects of the Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1428 part 4 Complies with all aspects of the Building Code of Australia

Product Description

StepRight® architectural entrance matting is design and manufactured in Australia from heavy duty anodised aluminium treads to provide an attractive, safe and easily maintained barrier between internal building conditions and the external environment. As the first line of defence, StepRight ® entrance matting stops dangerous levels of moisture and grit from entering buildings. This provides ongoing protection of internal flooring surfaces by reducing the transfer of grit and other stone particles.
The unique construction integrates strong heavy duty treads of aluminium with a flexible rubber cushioning web which provides excellent durability, pedestrian comfort and excellent grit stripping performance. StepRight® matting offers a selection of treads in various colours including a range of rubber and carpet inserts to balance aesthetic and optimum performance.


• Manufactured to suit clients specifications with an option of standard sizes
• Easily installed frames provided with each matting system
• Reducing strips are available for surface mounted applications without the need to recess the area
• Flexible construction ensures StepRight® entrance matting will not dome and cause annoying drumming
• StepRight® is UV stabilised, does not fray, is stain resistant and appropriate for both wet and dry applications
• Safety inserts are rated R12 in accordance with the Australian Standards
• Rubber cushioning ribs ensure StepRight® Matting contours to the substrate to reduce impact noise
• Light and easily manoeuvred for ease of maintenance
• All components are available and easily replaced in the event of damage
• Protects floor surfaces from wear and tear associated with the transfer of grit particles.


StepRight architectural matting is produced in a range of standard sizes to suit most installations and is easier to specify and maintain. Alternatively StepRight ® can be purpose built. Standard Sizes include:
• (900, 1200, 1800, 2700, 3600) wide x 1200 depth (standard duty)
• (900, 1200, 1800, 2700, 3600) wide x 1800 depth (heavy duty)
• Any other sizes on demand.


StepRight® architectural matting is available with alternate inserts of either rubber, carpet or a combination of the two. Available in standard lengths for architectural specification or made to measure for existing recessed areas. The StepRight® colour range includes:
• Rubber insert: Black, Grey, Red
• Carpet insert: Fire Red, Golden Sands, Ocean Blue, Aqua
• Teal, Black.